How Can Marketing Agencies…

…directly offer lead generation
solutions for their clients while
increasing in-house revenue?

Challenges for Marketing Agencies in Creating Lead Generation Solutions

For advertising and marketing agencies looking to offer lead generation services DIRECTLY to clients, there are several challenges and implementation outcomes that BlackBoxLG solves for, including…

Uncertainty of Demand Generation Provider Quality

Lead generation is the most rapidly accelerating marketer investment – but agencies are tested with the prospect of having to suffer endless trial and error through third-party lead gen providers of varying performance and consistency. BlackBoxLG’s network approach solves for quality and efficiency in any vertical B2B market.

Ability to Sell Directly to Agency Clients – Without Third Parties

Without an owned database in B2B markets, agencies need a true, turnkey solution provider if they are to own a demand gen product for direct sale. BlackBoxLG eliminates the need to outsource lead gen fulfillment to media companies that may struggle with fulfilling volume, or in relying upon the constant rotation of unproven, demand database providers.

Materially Increasing Agency Revenue

In removing the intermediaries from successful lead gen delivery, agencies can now directly profit from the delta between market rates, and our wholesale network pricing (similar to the old days of media management, but at greater margin). Additionally, almost all lead programs require new, “hand raising” content opportunities that fit squarely into current content development revenue streams for agencies.

The Attribution Advantage

One of the more difficult challenges for agencies has been lead sourcing and attribution. Now, you can control and manage the message. Being directly involved through the lead gen process gives you uninterrupted content messaging power BEFORE the hand-raising event (the content asset) and AFTER, in post-lead acquisition (the post-lead nurture content track).

The benefits? An appropriate increase in content creation services, and actual ATTRIBUTION once a sales or engagement conversion takes place.

Until now, a provable path to ROI has been elusive. BlackBoxLG gives your firm the ability to drive the workflow of a client’s sales structure and follow-up techniques

Demand Generation Overnight

BlackBoxLG give you the power of your OWN lead generation product
for clients – custom tailored to eliminate agency friction:

As our backend is fueled by a NETWORK of the TOP 1.5% of the U.S. demand generation providers, your agency will be able to service leads at volume to virtually ANY professional category or client – at whatever lead bandwidth they can handle. Without the expense, management, and operational lift of creating your own opt-in database of hand-raising targets and prospects.

Not only do we negotiate rate management with our network of database providers, we also make it a hard requirement that EVERY lead is delivered as a result of targeted demo engagement with EXCLUSIVE landing pages. Pages that showcase and opt-in to your client’s content downloads. Insuring that demographic expectations are met, and advanced nurturing can continue in a relationship model.

You’re not alone in this. BlackBoxLG, if desired, can help you in cooperatively or directly pitching to your clients as a third-party vendor. Or not…it’s completely up to you. But we are more than comfortable with educating around process, informing on how content integrates with funnel-based journeys, or testing entry-level lead selects and models for rollout as a true marketing partner.

Many direct clients are excited about building a lead pipeline, without realizing that content leadership is a necessary component to driving hand-raising events. While some clients have content assets ready for lead gen marketing, this is a great supplemental revenue source for agencies as they develop more robust content elements, to be used in the demand generation process.

Startup and integration can be fast…very fast. Our team handles all operational aspects of the demand generation process including support, logistics, delivery, QA/QC, and gross billing management / fee reconciliation. Letting you focus on account strategy and results performance.

LeadS Now

Looking to build a lead generation business to sell directly to clients – IMMEDIATELY? BlackBoxLG acts as a full-service, backend solution that empowers your firm with the turnkey creation of a direct-to-market lead generation business –with no additional overhead expense.