How Can Independent
Sales Reps…

offer lead generation solutions
for any B2B client – without
building product
, while keeping
margins as income?

Challenges for Independent Reps in Creating Lead Generation Solutions

For B2B independent sales representatives looking to offer lead generation services DIRECTLY to clients, there are several challenges and implementation outcomes that BlackBoxLG solves for, including…

Capitalizing on market dynamics

The pivot from branded conversation to lead generation investment is the most radical and significant migration of revenue in B2B media, and will be for the next decade. Even now, 61% of marketers consider GENERATING LEADS to be their biggest current challenge. And 59% of marketers are already spending HALF OR MORE OF THEIR TOTAL BUDGET on lead gen efforts (and content that fuels demand generation). Sales reps need solutions that grow budgets around “where the heat is” in marketing investment.

of product

A startup, volume lead program at scale would require several additional full-time employees – all versed in demand generation, engagement platforms, quality assurance, content creation, logistics, and sales enablement. The ramp up investment for traditional demand generation products can be significant. And many media companies don’t offer this service at all. BlackBoxLG allows independent reps to leverage a lead gen product system OVERNIGHT – with none of the headache around execution. Letting you focus on selling, and results.

repeatable income

Time is money for independent sales reps leveraging long trusted relationships towards mutually beneficial solutions and income streams. And, historically, media companies and other direct sellers have paid fractions of sold programs to reps as commission, keeping larger margins in house. Models that democratize the ability to sell evolved lead gen programs would allow for reps to personally capture the complete lift of sold programs – between cost of leads and fair market pricing in their ecosystems.

Demand Generation Overnight

BlackBoxLG give you the power of your OWN volume-based, lead product for clients – custom tailored to eliminate product creation & fulfillment friction:

Selling leads at volume can start fast…very fast.  Our team handles all operational aspects of the demand generation process including support, logistics, delivery, and QA/QC.  All behind the scenes.  The markup revenue on your “per lead” sales, normally reserved for media companies, is dramatic – and all yours.  Much greater than normal “commission environments”, and don’t require tons of clients for success.

As our “plug and play” backend is fueled by a NETWORK of the TOP 1.5% of the U.S. demand generation providers, you will now be able to service leads at volume to virtually ANY professional category or client – at whatever lead bandwidth they can handle.  Without the expense, management, and operational lift of trying to create a product, or test a field of unproven vendors.


These are incredibly high-quality leads that REQUIRE a permission activity.  We negotiate rate management with our network of database providers, and EVERY lead is delivered as a result of targeted demo engagement with EXCLUSIVE landing pages.  Pages that showcase and opt-in to your client’s content downloads.  Delivering demographic excellence and further nurturing opportunities.

You’re not alone in this. Marketer’s proficiency with demand generation runs from novice to expert – regardless of field or industry.  And sales must be adept in pitching business, or educating clients, at all skill levels.  BlackBoxLG provides pitch decks and strategies that can help train you, and your clients, on how to best sell lead generation programs – in any market.

Many direct clients are excited about building a lead pipeline, without realizing that content leadership is a necessary component to driving hand-raising events.  While some clients have content assets ready for lead gen marketing, most need more.  In much the same way we can wholesale your lead opportunity, we can also build white-label content products for your resale needs as well.


Looking to build a lead generation business to sell directly to clients – IMMEDIATELY? BlackBoxLG acts as a full-service, backend solution that empowers your firm with the turnkey creation of a direct-to-market lead generation business –with no additional overhead expense.