How Can

…directly build a lead gen
at volume – without
increasing cost, all while
protecting membership privacy?

Challenges for Associations in Creating Lead Generation Solutions

For associations looking to offer lead generation services DIRECTLY to clients, there are several challenges and implementation outcomes that BlackBoxLG solves for, including…

Expanding Revenue Streams

The 2020 COVID crisis brought a large spotlight to bear on risk and exposure for everyone operating events & tradeshows in-person. As shows and membership typically comprise the largest parts of association revenue, leaders are challenged to build new – material – revenue streams fast. Channels that expand on current client relationships, without cannibalizing the above core business units.

Protecting Membership

When looking to capitalize on marketer’s massive influx of lead gen expenditures, associations can’t use typical levers for database marketing. As an industry, it takes 100,000 outreaches to deliver every 65 qualified leads. This type of push would negatively impact member databases and lists – and likely hurt renewals. For volume lead gen programs to exist, external databases must be used – with efficiency and privacy kept intact.

Operational Expense & Expertise

A startup, volume lead program at scale would require several additional full-time employees – all versed in demand generation, engagement platforms, quality assurance, content creation, logistics, and sales enablement. The ramp up investment for traditional demand generation products can be significant.

Demand Generation Overnight

BlackBoxLG give you the power of your OWN volume-based, lead product for clients – custom tailored to eliminate association membership & product friction:

As our backend is fueled by a NETWORK of the TOP 1.5% of the U.S. demand generation providers, your association’s sales team will be able to service leads at volume to virtually ANY professional category or client – at whatever lead bandwidth they can handle. Without the expense, management, and operational lift of depleting your own, first-party database.

Selling leads at volume can start fast…very fast. Our team handles all operational aspects of the demand generation process including support, logistics, delivery, and QA/QC. All behind the scenes, and in conjunction with your sales team. The markup revenue on your “per lead” sales is dramatic – and all yours. With almost pure flow through to the bottom line. Allowing you to focus on sales explicitly.

Using our third-party lead generation network has the huge advantage of not abusing your own membership database to try and create a lead gen option for your clients. But better still, we have negotiated “cobranded” privacy terms with all our partners. What that means is that every paid program that generates a lead for your client, is also available to YOU, as a marketing lead for membership.

Not only do we negotiate rate management with our network of database providers, we also make it a hard requirement that EVERY lead is delivered as a result of targeted demo engagement with EXCLUSIVE landing pages. Pages that showcase and opt-in to your client’s content downloads. Insuring that demographic expectations are met, and advanced nurturing can continue in a relationship model.

Often, when bringing lead generation programs to nascent markets, there is both a significant amount of sales rep training and client education needed to close opportunities. Marketer’s proficiency with demand generation runs from novice to expert – regardless of field or industry. You’re not alone in this. BlackBoxLG can help you in training your teams on how best to convert, in any market.


Looking to build a lead generation business to sell directly to clients – IMMEDIATELY? BlackBoxLG acts as a full-service, backend solution that empowers your firm with the turnkey creation of a direct-to-market lead generation business –with no additional overhead expense.