Support and empower your lead generation business…

…with on-demand consultative
that reinforce
investment from
inception to retention

Go To Market

BlackBoxLG Consultative Services can help you and your team develop lead generation programs at scaled volume, tailored to your markets. We can assist in competitive and market pricing, sales pitches, decks, and Go-To-Market strategies for all environments.

Lead Gen Team Training

BlackBoxLG Consultative Services can also execute programs to train your sales team and management leadership on how to educate your industry on the benefits of demand generation, content marketing, and nurturing journeys – all while selling volume-based lead programs at scale.

In Field Sales Training

BlackBoxLG Consultative Services can can also take the sales training “on the road” – and work with your professionals in direct sales environments. Here, we lead by example and educate your prospects directly in partnership with your sales staff. Closing lead programs as your team learns, and your clients commit.

Content That Fuels the Engines

BlackBoxLG Consultative Services can also act as your full service, strategic marketing services arm if needed. Content creation is critical to lead gen programs that get buyers to hand-raise. We can build these in a white label environment for your team to use in resale at profit. Or, we can augment current programs based on bandwidth and needs.